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I am delighted to announce the launch of our new development Rose Court, at Stacey Avenue in Wolverton. Our homes are architecturally designed and built to the highest standards and include natural clay roof tiles and larger than normal windows. All our homes also benefit from higher ceilings on all floors adding to the already generous proportions.

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Environmental Policy

The aim of our environmental policy is as follows:
To identify and minimise the risks to the environment from our company activities.
To act in accordance with the current environmental legislation and where appropriate, act in anticipation of future requirements.
To put in place targets to deliver continuous improvement in the management of environmental issues.

Our policy is to achieve these objectives and we are committed to:
The prevention of pollution, to maximise the efficient use of all materials and energy and reduce waste.
Use recyclable, sustainable and re-useable products.
To ensure all wastes, particularly hazardous or contaminated wastes are tested, transported and disposed of in an environmentally accepted manner, in accordance with our duty of care.
To minimise traffic nuisance, emission of pollutants, noise levels and disturbance to the public and local ecosystems, wildlife habitats and preservation of heritage.
To review all activities and identify issues which could have a significant impact on the environment.
To minimise the risks of environmental accidents through the formulation and adoption of appropriate risk management procedures, and in conjunction with the appropriate authorities, to have emergency procedures in place to deal with accidental pollution.
Encourage our supply-chain to comply with this policy.
Provide the necessary awareness and training to enable staff to understand and contribute to the implementation of this policy.